Nearest airports

Olbia Costa Smeralda airport is the nearest (30 km) to San Teodoro so we recommend flying there if possible. Please see our Travel section for airlines and destinations from mainland Europe. Alghero is the second nearest airport but it is about 200km away. The ride to San Teodoro can be quite a time-consuming trek so perhaps consider renting a car. The airport in Cagliari is the farthest but lately it offers a good connection and it is only about 20-30€ to make a road trip across the island.

Getting from Olbia to San Teodoro

The cheapest is going by bus directly from Olbia Airport. They are departing from the parking lot on the right when you leave the airport. You can buy tickets directly from the driver for about 4,-€. You can check the bus schedules here. The more convenient option would be to book an airport transfer service before you arrive. It’s quite affordable when you arrive with a larger group. You can also get a taxi directly at the airport but prices vary and it can be a costly option, starting from 50€. There are also several car rentals at Olbia Airport if you want to rent a car for your stay.

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