When will the dates for the next SUNANDBASS edition be announced?
We always announce dates around the new year. SUNANDBASS 2018 will take place from the 8th – 15th of September at San Teodoro (OT) Sardinia.

When do tickets go on sale?
Tickets go on sale around April/May. Please check on our terms and conditions here. You can also subscribe to our mailing list here and we will keep you updated.

Does SUNANDBASS offer package deals including flight and accommodation?
We don’t offer flight packages for now. We will offer an accommodation package. More infos will follow soon.

How much money will I need for the whole week?
Well that naturally depends on how much you spend on drinks, restaurants etc. It is easily possible to do SUNANDBASS on a tight budget if you share accommodation and cook on your own, as eating in restaurants in Italy is most delicious, a lot of fun, but also costly. Beverages in the clubs are quite reasonable. Plan and calculate your trip thoroughly and you will know what to expect.

Is it a good idea to attend SUNANDBASS on my own?
There are plenty of people coming on their own each year. The SUNANDBASS crowd is very open and loner-friendly so you can make new friends in no time. Join our Facebook group to share accommodation and get tips from fellow visitors.

What is the weather like in Sardinia in September?
In the daytime it can get quite hot, around 25-30° C. At night however the wind can get a bit chilly so make sure to bring some warm clothes as well.

How do I get around in San Teodoro?
All venues in San Teodoro are within walking distance. Just make sure your apartment/hotel is directly in San Teodoro. Please contact us in case you are unsure where your apartment is located exactly. There are possibilities to rent bikes, scooters and cars as well.

What about ATMs, supermarkets, pharmacies etc. in San Teodoro?
The town centre of San Teodoro offers nearly everything you need during your stay. Please check our map for detailed locations. Opening hours are mostly morning till noon and late afternoon till evening. Typical goods you need at a beach holiday are more expensive like sunscreen etc. They also have a cute night market with home-made souvenirs.

What about tap water and ice cubes in drinks?
We do not recommend to drink water from the tap as it contains chloride. But it is of course safe to shower and brush your teeth. Ice cubes in the clubs are generally made with bottled water.

How about internet access?
There is a free Wifi spot at Hotel Al Faro but it can be quite slow when many people are logged in. You can also buy affordable prepaid SIM cards from local providers for mobile internet access in Olbia.

How can I participate further at SUNANDBASS?
You can just drop us an email at info@sunandbass.net to tell us about your ideas. Thank you! This will be most appreciated.



What does the Full week ticket contain?
The full week ticket grants access to all events hosted by SUNANDBASS for the duration of the festival. Some of the events are freely accessible like La Cinta Beach Party but all club nights are exclusive to full week ticket holders. Upon availability we will sell single night tickets at the club but this depends on what the capacity at that specific night looks like. Only the full week ticket holder will have guaranteed entrance and we don’t take reservations as we have to stay flexible.

What are your terms and conditions?
Please read our terms and conditions for week passes.

I only want to visit single nights, are there tickets available?
You may be able to purchase a ticket at the respective club night but we cannot guarantee entrance In advance or take reservations. This will be dependent on the capacity on the specific night and situation on site.

How can I pay for my SUNANDBASS ticket?
Tickets are sold online via our partner The Ticket Fairy. They only accept Credit card payments. For single nights at the club we currently accept cash and credit card payments via sum up.

Where and how can I pick up my wristband?
Your festival wristband(s) can be collected at official SUNANDBASS check in desk at Hotel Al Faro on Friday 8th. Please bring along the printed ticket and an ID for identification. We will then hand out your festival wristband for the week. If you are arriving on Saturday, Sunday and every following weekday please pick up your festival wristband directly at the club. Waiting times may occur, so we suggest you pick up your festival wristband during regular check in hours to enjoy SUNANDBASS to the maximum.

I’m experiencing difficulties buying tickets. What can I do?
For any problems regarding the online purchase and payments of tickets please contact The Ticket Fairy support: support@theticketfairy.com
For any questions regarding the festival and organisational support please contact: info@sunandbass.net



What is the nearest airport to San Teodoro?
Olbia Costa Smeralda airport is the nearest (30km) to San Teodoro so we recommend flying there if possible. Please see our Travel section for airlines and destinations from mainland Europe. Alghero is the second nearest airport but it is about 200km away. The ride to San Teodoro can be quite a time-consuming trek so perhaps consider renting a car. The airport in Cagliari is the farthest but lately it offers a good connection and it is only about 20-30€ to make a road trip across the island.

How can I get to San Teodoro from the airport in Olbia?
The cheapest is going by bus directly from Olbia Airport. They are departing from the parking lot on the right when you leave the airport. You can buy tickets directly from the driver for about 4,-€. You can check the bus schedules here.

The more convenient option would be to book an airport transfer service before you arrive. It’s quite affordable when you arrive with a larger group. Contact details on airport shuttle services can be found here.

You can also get a taxi directly at the airport but prices vary and it can be a costly option, starting from 50€.

There are also several car rentals at Olbia Airport if you want to rent a car for your stay. Contact details can be found here.



What kind of accommodation is the best choice for me?
There are basically three types of accommodation available in San Teodoro. Depending on your budget and weather you are traveling on your own we would recommend:

These are the best bet when travelling in a group for at least the whole week of SUNANDBASS but can also be an option for couples who don’t want to stay in a hotel. Apartments are the main type of accommodation in San Teodoro as it’s a family vacation destination. So there is a big variety in sizes, comfort and locations. Please make sure it’s not too far away from the main sites in San Teodoro.
Please also note, if the accommodation offered is not the right fit (too small for 6 people, too noisy, not child-proof) Italians are very accepting and will try to find a different solution for you.

Hotels are the best choice when you want to stay on your own or can’t attend the whole week.
There are plenty of hotels in San Teodoro available. Please check the accommodation page for further info.

Of course the choice when travelling on a tight budget. There are two campsites available in San Teodoro. One at La Cinta beach and one at Cala d’Ambra.

What should I pay attention to when booking accommodation?
Make sure to compare different offers from different agencies to get the best price and quality available. Most importantly check the exact location of your apartment/hotel to make sure it is located within walking distance of all the SUNANDBASS venues. Ask your agency for the detailed address and cross check the location on our map or just drop us an email in case you’re not sure. We try to put everything into organising SUNANDBASS so we have a wonderful time together. We really don’t want it to be spoilt by having to walk too far or even having to take the cab/car to join.



When will the line up of SUNANDBASS be announced?
The full line up will be announced closer to the event around mid to end August. We know that some of you would like to have the list of confirmed artists much earlier, however we take enough time to make it as special as it always is. Although the line up is the biggest part of any festival we are proud to say that it has never been the deciding factor to join us. We are thankful for your ongoing trust and belief that it will be worthwhile getting a full week ticket.

How is the line up being put together?
In 2014 we have introduced the concept of curators to SUNANDBASS. Each floor (usually 2 per night) has a very knowledgeable and musically well respected curator assigned who puts forward a suggestion of artists he/she wants to be part of the line up. The output is an eclectic and free display of Drum and Bass from established and upcoming DJs and MCs. Stay tuned for this year’s curators and line up to be announced in August.