SUNANDBASS doesn’t have a camp site therefore you will have to book your own accommodation depending on your wishes. There are basically three types of accommodation available in San Teodoro. Depending on your budget and weather you are traveling on your own we would recommend:


These are the best bet when traveling in a group for at least the whole week of SUNANDBASS but can also be an option for couples who don’t want to stay in a hotel. Apartments are the main type of accommodation in San Teodoro as it’s a family vacation destination. So there is a big variety in sizes, comfort and locations. Please make sure your villa it’s not too far away from the main sites in San Teodoro. Therefore check our map below or the SUNANDBASS Google map.
Please also note, if the accommodation offered is not the right fit (too small for 6 people, too noisy, not child-proof) Italians are very accepting and will try to find a different solution for you.


Hotels are the best choice when you want to stay on your own or can’t attend the whole week. There are plenty of hotels in San Teodoro available.


Of course the choice when traveling on a tight budget. There are two campsites available in San Teodoro. One at La Cinta beach and one at Cala d’Ambra.

SUNANDBASS accommodation package

We will offer ticket and accommodation package before tickets go on sale powered by San Teodorian partners. Make sure you have subscribed to our newsletter and we will keep you posted on details soon.

San Teodoro tourist office

The San Teodoro Tourism website has many accommodation listings. Please be aware that some of them may be located further out from San Teodoro center and would require a car to get to and from the venues. If you need help finding accommodation or are in doubt about where to stay you can always contact local tourist information. They speak several languages and can also provide you with information about activities in and outside of San Teodoro.

Download (right click) our pdf map.