05.09.2015 - 12.09.2015  SAN TEODORO | ITALY

SAB Story


SUNANDBASS is an exclusive drum and bass holiday organised on the beautiful italian island of Sardinia.
For a whole week music lovers from all over the world meet at this incredible location to enjoy heavy basslines and just simply celebrate life!

The holiday was thought of as a break for friends and a chance to meet like-minded people. Today, this remains one of the strongest attractions to SAB with the addition of increasingly cutting edge musical diversity.

If you would like to discover different cultures, be confronted with a simple lifestyle, meet new people from all over the world and experience music in a completely new way, have a think about joining the SUNANDBASS community.
Read our story to get the full picture…



After having been around for 9 years, we can really start tracing the stepping stones that have lead us to organise one of the most unique and intimate Drum and Bass festivals out there. Each year we make new friends, feel new emotions and learn new things to the point where we always know that no SUNANDBASS will be alike. Some stories will stay with us only, whilst others we can share…


2003 – The beginning

Two of the promoters meet in Milan during a study semester abroad, and eventually end up getting recruited for a summer job on Sardinia. Being Drum and Bass enthusiasts for quite some time, they get a feel of the local music scene in no time and invite some friends for a beach party.


2004 – Going big!

It was 2004 when the first full edition of SUNANDBASS took place in San Teodoro. And boy, this time we did it properly! With a fantastic line up composed of friends and friends of friends alongside some word-of-mouth, the number of attendees went through the roof!


2005 – “When I say SUN you say BASS! SUN AND BASS!“

The second official edition of SUNANDBASS was so special that it got top DJ/producer John B to perform as an MC! After several Pinot Grigios John B grabbed the Mic and dropped some fun lyrics for the crowd. Definitely one of the highlights this year!


2006 – A living legend

Now almost a living legend, SUNANDBASS returns to beautiful Sardinia on the 2nd of September 2006. For the third time this exceptional one-week festival takes place in one of the most exclusive holiday spots in Europe while gathering an increasing amount of interest from the dnb heads…


2007 – SUNANDBASS 4 …ever!

SUNANDBASS comes back to San Teodoro in full swing.
The team gets bigger and the feel is still as if it was the first day. The word of mouth effect is now unstoppable and many remain wanting for more…


2008 – Stop the rumours, it’s official!

Once again we hit the island with a mind blowing lineup including Makoto from Japan and Paradox Live. The beach parties are accompanied by live sessions at the new pool club Bal Harbour.


2009 – The fever is rising

SUNANDBASS enters it’s 6th year since everything started back in 2004 and we can proudly look back at the 5 past editions with memories of fun moments and overwhelming pathos. Skream performs an unforgettable set for Autonomic.


2010 – 156 days to go…

As summer sneaks in with the first rays of sunshine the eagerness is getting unbearable. Dreaming of Sardinia now and planning a great new line up with the man himself: Goldie.


2011 – Intense but never long enough

The team is at its largest and we all end up knowing the ravers by name. At times we even remember their favourite tracks or the name of their evening drink. With the addition of DJ Marky, Bal Harbour feels like the Carnival de Bahia for an entire afternoon.


2012 – SUNANDBASS here we come

Excitement is through the roof and the SUNANDBASS crew has once again been very busy putting all the pieces of the SAB 2012 puzzle together.


2013 – SUNANDBASS 10 Year Anniversary

We were thrilled to already announce the festival dates for 2013. From 7th to 14th September we were welcoming you in San Teodoro for 10 years of SUNANDBASS !


2014 – Introducing – The Curators

Over the past 10 years the line up of SUNANDBASS  has always been special. For 2014 we are introducing a new concept of ‘curated nights’!