05.09.2015 - 12.09.2015  SAN TEODORO | ITALY

SUNANDBASS – 10 Years – S10E04 “Wind”

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Next episode of 10 years SUNANDBASS video series features British virtuoso vocalist, actor and composer Cleveland Watkiss. What a great occasion to have him added our 10th anniversary edition bringing a very special flavor to the musical program. Join Cleveland and SUNANDBASS resident A-Sides for a walk through San Teodoro and enjoy some scenes of his live performance at our pool location Bal Harbour which once more served as a perfect setting for a special appearance.

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Dj Competition started


Once again we are looking out to find the most talented DJs from within our SUNANDBASS community to take part in the an epic DJ competition showdown at our prime pool location Bal Harbour. Show us your DJing skills and you may win one of the 6 seats in the finals on 12 September 2014. Take this chance to be part of this year’s official SUNANDBASS line up and get the opportunity to impress the crowd and the judges with your very special selection and mixing technique.

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Ticketsale is now open!


Make sure to get your festival tickets early to secure your participation at the 2014 edition of SUNANDBASS. No doubt we will again have a fantastic mix of SUNANDBASS residents and new additions for this very unique event. Simply follow the instructions online on www.theticketfairy.com and if anything makes you wonder, contact tickets@sunandbass.net for technical support.

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