05.09.2015 - 12.09.2015  SAN TEODORO | ITALY



No more than 100 metres from La Cinta beach, Al Faro is a family-run no-frills hotel which is managed by Giacomo.

This is where the Check-In and Welcome Desk for SAB will be throughout the festival.


SAB WISDOM: Having been great supporters of our gatherings in San Teodoro, the Al Faro staff is considered to be part of the crew – so make sure to say you are a SAB guest.


One of the most loved clubs in this area, Ambra Night is divided across two floors; one outdoor and one indoor. Both powered with the latest audio system, this is where you can chat, dance, drink and feel SAB after 11pm.


SAB WISDOM: Sunrise is particularly beautiful in the month of September – so hold your breath till after Ambra Night shuts and join the 6am rush to the beach (conveniently situated outside the club).


Ambra Day  is the day club situated right in the centre of the town. Find a spot somewhere in the large garden and sip your cocktail whilst meeting new people.


SAB WISDOM: Ambra Day has some of the best bar tenders so make sure you get them to make you a special drink… tipping the jar usually helps.



SUNANDBASS loves beautiful looking things and Bal Harbour is definitely one of the most stylish venues we have on our list. The airy beach side setting gives yet another layer to our week of sun and bass.


SAB WISDOM: During the events, make sure to hang around till sunset and take a plunge into the pool when the underwater lights are switched on.



What’s a summer festival without a beach party? There is no way you will be left musicless while you sunbathe or attempt drowning your girlfriend or boyfriend…errrrr….
Expect to catch the sweetest sounds at La Cinta beach and Ambra beach. More info on the festival programme.

SAB WISDOM: If you are lucky and an adventurous type, you might find the trail to a secret location where all the secret music is kept…



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